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Ready to sell your business?

Rapt Enterprises, Inc. works closely with our sellers to assure that their goals are achieved.

The process starts with a preliminary, no-obligation meeting that is scheduled at the Seller's convenience, and usually at his place of business. General information is exchanged, so the Seller and Rapt can become acquainted with each other and their respective businesses.

A valuation is then performed to provide the Seller with a price range that he can expect to receive for his company. Information required to analyze the company includes the following:

Three to five years of detailed and current financial statements, including income statements,    balance sheets, and income tax returns.
List of furniture, fixtures, equipment, inventory, trade names, patents, and other assets to be    transferred with the company.
Real property and equipment leases.
Any other contractual relationships of the business.
Other information that will affect company operation.

The Seller and Rapt work together in establishing the asking price and terms for the company Rapt has developed a marketing interview process to simplify this process.

A contractual agreement is entered into between the Seller and Rapt, giving Rapt the right to market the company as the Seller's representative for a specified time period and under specified terms and conditions.

Rapt will prepare a marketing plan unique to the business and a package to target prospective Buyers, which is then implemented.

The Seller is freed of the daily involvement in marketing the company and is only required to concentrate on his primary duty; i.e., to assure that the business continues to operate profitably and is not affected by the sales activities. The Seller is also responsible for providing updated and/or additional information required by Buyers.

Rapt schedules all showings, conducts negotiations on behalf of the Seller, coordinates professional advisors, helps to satisfy contingencies, and supervises the closing.