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Ready to sell your business?

Buying a business is a challenging, but hopefully a very fulfilling experience. Rapt Enterprises, Inc. assists the Buyer and contributes to the transition by offering guidance and education at every step in the process.

Initially, an interview is set up between the Buyer and Rapt to establish the Buyer's criteria and to determine his financial, technical and business abilities. At this session the overall buying process will be reviewed with the Buyer so he will know what to expect before the negotiations are entered The Buyer will be required to complete a non-disclosure agreement and a buyer registration form for each of the businesses disclosed that meet his criteria. The pertinent details of selected business opportunities, including financial information, are communicated to the Buyer.

Following the Buyer's research of the industry under consideration, a visit to the Seller's facility is arranged.

When the Buyer is satisfied with the opportunity, Rapt works with the Buyer in developing an offer sheet and acts as an intermediary in negotiating the contract between the Buyer and the Seller.

Rapt works with the Buyer in securing the approval of financing, the transfer of licenses, the assignment of lease and franchise rights, and the performance of due diligence for the target company.

Attorneys are retained by both the Buyer and the Seller to protect their interests and complete the transaction. He is responsible for generating and filing the required paperwork, ensuring that all licenses and leases are properly handled, and disbursing the funds.