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Rapt is a business brokerage firm representing companies and individuals. The company has been involved in the sale and acquisition of a variety of businesses and also provides business valuation services.

Ready to sell your business? We are professionals who will work closely with you to sell your business. As we won’t make money until the deal closes and will be compensated accordingly, we are as motivated to realize the greatest sale price for your business as you are. However, we both must approach the deal realistically, as unrealistic expectations of the business value will only lead to frustration and possibly a failure to complete the transaction. We are not interested in listing your business; we want to sell your business! Obviously, we can only sell your business if you are motivated to sell and will take us into your confidence as your professional business broker.

Working with us, you will benefit from our nearly 40 years of experience and a realistic approach to financing, marketing and selling your business. We’ll work with you every step of the way to maximize the price and terms your business will sell for. We work only with serious and qualified buyers, and we will inform you on a weekly basis of our progress.

No one knows your business as well as you do and we won’t insult you by making promises that can’t be kept, but we will provide you with honest, competent and experienced counsel. We will work diligently to sell your business in the shortest amount of time and at the very best price the marketplace can deliver.

Since we are intimately involved in commercial finance, we bring a unique talent to the process of selling your business. We can realistically value the deal from a lenders viewpoint to help you determine the proper selling price and to arrange financing for the buyer. We have completely funded many deals, with the seller providing little, if any financing!

Looking to buy a business? We are professionals who will guide you through what may be the largest financial transaction you will make in your lifetime; a decision that will affect your personal lifestyle and have a direct impact on your family. We are aware that for you this is more than seeking a working position and financial returns, it involves intangible factors as well. As professionals we will review all aspects of the business with you and present them in a clearly understood manner. We will act as your business and financial advisor, pointing out the good points and the negative aspects of each deal we present to you. The only way you can succeed is if you enter the transaction knowing what to expect and will be prepared to deal with each occurrence as it happens. Contingencies must be planned on so you will survive “unexpected occurrences” that can happen in a business environment.

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